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Snow White and the Seven Endings

Running Time: 30-40 minutes but can be cut to any length by removing scenes

Cast: flexible cast of 12-30 (minimum 2M, 2F, 8 either)

Happily-ever-after gets turned on its head in this comedic retelling of Snow White’s classic princess fairy tale.  When the seven forest dwellers reminisce about their recent run-in with a royal run-away, they each have a different take on how the story unfolds and who the real hero is.  But which is the real ending?  The only thing they agree about is that the Prince shouldn’t get all the credit!

Using seven different theatrical styles — slapstick comedy (“Snow Alone:  Lost In the Woods”), melodrama (“The Perilous Plight of Miss Snow White”), Shakespearean (“A Mid-Snow White’s Dream”), murder-mystery (“And Then There Were Seven”), interpretive dance (“The Hunt-Cracker”), and action/adventure (“Spindiana Jones and the Apple of Doom”) along with the classic storybook ending — this play will delight and amuse audiences of all ages.

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