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New Scripts!

These scripts are in various stages of pre-publication, and I may be able to send you a free perusal or license them directly to you! Read more about each script below and contact me at for more information!  

Whistle Stop

Time: 75 minutes 

Cast: 1 F, 13+ any gender (can be expanded)


“The regulars at the Whistle Stop diner know there’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed by a hot cup of coffee and a warm slice of apple pie, even if presidential candidates prefer to stop at the nearby Gold Star Cafe while on their campaign tour. So when a cold front freezes the pipes at the Gold Star, the diners at the Whistle Stop scramble to prepare for an unexpected visit from the latest presidential hopeful. But as pressures mount, and the stakes are raised, tension and misunderstanding threaten to divide this small town, putting the candidate’s visit, and the community as a whole, in jeopardy.

Whistle Stop is a story about people, not politics, that uses humor and heart to gently examine societal friction through the lens of a small town while ultimately reminding us that at the end of the day it’s not what divides us, but what brings us together that makes us a nation.”

Full of Beans

Time: 40 minutes 

Cast: 1 M, 10 F, 14+ any gender (can be doubled and expanded)


Jack (Jackie) Beans is on trial and it’s up to your audience to determine if he’s guilty or innocent! In this madcap courtroom comedy, Jack and his lawyer, B.B. Wolf, go head to head with Mrs. Helga Giant and her lawyer, R.R. Hood, live on The Storybook Court (cue the theme music!) to determine if Jack is guilty of stealing the Giants’ gold, goose, and harp, or if it was all a big misunderstanding. With plenty of well known fairytale characters as witnesses and members of the jury, it’s anyone’s guess as to how this trial will end up. But when one of the jurors falls asleep, the audience must step in and vote to determine Jack’s fate! Includes two different endings for each possible outcome.


Time: 75 minutes 

Cast: 2 M, 5 F, 25+ any gender (can be easily doubled to a much smaller cast)


In the late morning hours of May 10, 1994, the moon travelled a path across the sky, encountering the sun and eventually blocking out its light for one brief moment, creating an eclipse. But down below, in cities all across the United States, from Roswell, New Mexico to St. Louis, Missouri, to Bangor, Maine and everywhere in between, people had encounters of their own…encounters with friends and enemies, encounters with love and loss, encounters with…aliens? Against the backdrop of an eclipse, this vignette style play is comprised of twelve scenes, each named after an iconic song from the early 1990s. From a possible meeting with an extra-terrestrial in “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” to the dawn of the internet in “Whoomp! There It Is”, to a Romeo and Juliet encounter between a doctor and a window washer in “Come To My Window”, to coping with the death of a grunge icon…and a friendship in “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” to an unlikely friendship between a troubled teen and a homeless person in “Under The Bridge”, these scenes and more use humor and heart to remind us that as we forge our own path in life, it’s our quest to be better humans that will eclipse all.

Rotten Apples

Time: 60-75 minutes 

Cast: 9 F, 3 M, 7 any gender


It’s a dark and stormy night, and a group of fairytale villains have been invited to a hilltop castle under mysterious circumstances by their host, the ever charming Prince. But when the power goes out and the host is found unconscious, the search for the unknown attacker is underway. Is it the Evil Queen with the poisoned apple? The Big Bad Wolf with the brick? The Wicked Stepmother with the glass slipper? Jack with the magic beans? Red Riding Hood with the basket of tricks? Pinocchio with the strings? Or The Frog Prince with the golden ball? Or is it the mysterious imp, whose name no one knows, with the spindle? And as the attacker claims more victims, the villains must race against the clock to figure out who did it and with what weapon if they want to make it out of the castle before the stroke of midnight. With madcap comedy, constant twists and turns, and three possible endings, this hilarious whodunit will leave audiences wondering just who will end up with a happily ever after!

***This play has been acquired by Playscripts/Broadway Licensing and will be available in their catalog later in 2024.  For licensing info, email Tracy at to be directed to a representative at Playscripts.


Time: 90 minutes but can be cut to any length by removing scenes

Cast: 8-19+ M, 10-19+ F, 9-12+ any gender


“Welcome to the Bernie Sheckles Fun-tastic tour of Athens, Greece where the most important rule is to have fun! That’s what a group of wacky tourists signed up for as Bernie shows them around a sculpture garden filled with statues depicting famous Greek myths. But what they didn’t sign up for is a mischievous god by the name of Hermes, who has come all the way from Mount Olympus to play a little trick on the tourists, bringing each one of the sculptures to life!

This easy to stage play celebrates several well known stories from Greek Mythology, including Persephone and the Seasons, Echo and Narcissus, Arachne the Weaver, Pandora’s Box, King Midas and the Golden Touch, Apollo and Clytie, Perseus and Medusa, and Orpheus and Eurydice. Similar to a vignette style, each scene “comes to life” telling their epic tales, while an underlying story of a zany group of tourists making their way through a Greek sculpture garden ties them all together. Perfect for a main stage show, one act competitions, or in collaboration with English Lit teachers, this flexible, large cast play will delight audiences and actors alike. “

Angels of Bataan

Time: available as a 40 minute one act or a 90 minute full length

Cast: 8+F, 4+M, 4+ either (14-40 possible)


It’s 1941 on the tropical island of Luzon in the Philippines. Helen and Sally are among more than 100 U.S. army nurses who have come to the islands looking for light duty, warm tropical breezes, and a little adventure. But paradise becomes a nightmare when, just hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, their own island is rocked by death and destruction at the hands of enemy bombers. Now Helen, Sally, and the rest of the nurses must do everything they can to keep their charges, and themselves alive as they navigate nursing through a war zone in Manila, a tropical jungle in Bataan, and eventually as prisoners of war in the Santo Tomas Internment Camp. Can the nurses survive long enough to find freedom? Or will disease and starvation take the ultimate toll on the brave women known as the Angels of Bataan?

***This play has been acquired by Playscripts/Broadway Licensing and will be available in their catalog later in 2024.  For licensing info, email Tracy at to be directed to a representative at Playscripts.

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