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Checking in

Running Time: 45 minutes

Cast: 2-5M, 3-5F, 5-20 flexible

At the Regency Arms Hotel, the comfort of the guests comes first—and no one knows that better than bellhop Bernard and housekeeper Natasha. But while Bernard tries to woo Natasha and manage the guests’ luggage, it’s the other baggage the guests brought that keeps him on his toes! Checking In tells a lifetime of stories including an expectant mom going into labor, a teenager learning to see the world beyond a screen, a couple finding love, the craziness of traveling with kids and, finally, waiting too long to take that dream vacation. These stories, and more, reflect the theme that “life is a journey—travel it well” and remind us that as we travel through life, it's the people we journey with who make it special.

One Act Plays
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