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Channeling Grimm

Running Time: 60 minutes

Cast: 14-51

The Grimm Brothers have hit the small screen!  And you’ll have a hit on your hands with this show that offers the ultimate in flexibility — it easily lends itself to be presented onstage, virtually, pre-recorded, or with any combination of these!  Add to that a shows-within-a-show structure, and you have huge flexibility in both your cast size and your running time, since you’re allowed to double cast significantly and cut scenes as desired for a shorter performance. 

Cameron doesn’t know what to write for an honors English assignment on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.  Luckily, friend Jaime has the solution...  watch TV versions of the tales!  But when Cameron points the unusual looking remote at the screen expecting Netflix or Apple TV, instead they find the wackiest assortment of fairy-tale themed programming!  There’s a Project Runway style competition show called “Project Ballgown,” a Frog Prince soap opera called “The Green and the Beautiful,” a game show hosted by Magic Mirror called, ”Who’s The Fairest One of All?,” and a sitcom starring Rumplestiltskin!  The teens also find news stories, a Law and Order style show, a movie trailer, and of course, commercials!

One Act Plays
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