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The Layover acquired by Dramatic Publishing!

I'm excited to announce that my one act play, The Layover, has been acquired by Dramatic Publishing and should be available in their catalogue and on their website sometime in early 2022.  This 45 minute play is easy to stage and perfect for competitions or a night of one acts.  Here's a synopsis:

"A couple of oddly intrusive passengers. A perplexing older couple. New parents and a loud family with a bratty kid. This is the company Dana keeps while she waits in a crowded airport for her next flight wherever she's going. But not all is as it seems as Dana, a self proclaimed "bad girl" tries to pass the time during this never ending layover. As she interacts with the other waiting passengers, Dana begins to learn that if she wants to get where she's going, she'll have to figure out who she really is."

If The Layover sounds like it might be perfect for your group and you're interested in licensing it before it becomes available on the Dramatic Publishing website, contact me at and I can help get that setup.

Coming Soon!
New Adaptation of Agatha Christie's 
The Man in the Brown Suit
brown suit.jpg

It's been awhile since I've written an adaptation, but I'm excited to jump back in with a full length adaptation of Agatha Christie's, The Man in the Brown Suit for Big Dog Plays/Noman Maine Publishing.  New to the public domain, this exciting detective story by the queen of "Queen of Mystery" is one of the few to feature a female in the detective role!  Here's a synopsis of the original story:

"Pretty, young Anne came to London looking for adventure. In fact, adventure comes looking for her—and finds her immediately at Hyde Park Corner tube station. Anne is present on the platform when a thin man, reeking of mothballs, loses his balance and is electrocuted on the rails.

The Scotland Yard verdict is accidental death. But Anne is not satisfied. After all, who was the man in the brown suit who examined the body? And why did he race off, leaving a cryptic message behind: "17-122 Kilmorden Castle"?"

If this sounds like a script you might be interested in taking a look at for your school or performing arts group, contact me at and I'll be happy to send you a perusal of the script!