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Full lengh plays
Pride and Prejudice

Running Time: Approximately 90-120 minutes, 103 pgs

Cast: 9 M, 17 F (With doubling: 8 M, 13 F)

CLASSIC/ROMANTIC COMEDY. Adapted from the 1813 novel by Jane Austen. When Charles Bingley, a wealthy bachelor, moves into a nearby house, Mrs. Bennet is overjoyed because she and her husband have five unmarried daughters who they are eager to see married. Mr. Bingley is taken with Jane Bennet, who is considered to be the most beautiful of the Bennet daughters, and introduces his wealthy friend, Mr. Darcy, to Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy is drawn to Elizabeth’s intelligence and independent nature, but Elizabeth thinks Mr. Darcy is arrogant and spiteful. In the end, Elizabeth must learn to overcome her own pride and prejudice in order to find true love.

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