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Full lengh plays
Eerie Academy

Time: 70 min 

Cast: 16-48 any gender

School — or perhaps we should say “ghoul” — is in session in this hilarious haunted play that is bound to make audiences scream with delight!  Along the shores of Lake Eerie (no, not that Lake Erie) lies Eerie Academy, a school known for its acceptance of the unusual, the mysterious, the ghoulish and grave.  And for the students of Eerie, every day is a lesson in spooky studies!  From three witches who brew up the perfect potion in “Toil and Trouble” to a science project that goes overboard in “Crossed Wires” to the conjuring up of a theater ghost in “Ghost Light,” these scenes — plus eight others along with some hysterical school announcements — will send chills up your spine while they tickle your funny bone. Eerie Academy is a frighteningly fun and flexible collection of vignettes set in a school filled with ghosts, ghouls, vampires, aliens, and of course, the scariest of them all...  teenagers!  With super easy sets, a hugely flexible cast, and the option to cut scenes to customize the show to your desired run time, this is the perfect play for Halloween or any time you’re in the mood for a monstrously good time!

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