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Resurrecting Charlie

Running Time: 30 minutes

Cast: 17 m, 3 w, 7-14 flexible

Resurrecting Charlie is a dramatic “play within a play” which tells the story of a traveling Christian drama group who is producing the show, “The Easter Story Spectacular!”  Its star, Charlie, struggles with the poor decisions and mistakes of his past and hopes to get back on track by learning why Jesus sacrificed Himself to save us from our sins. Charlie’s stardom-obsessed costar Logan and his jealous director Kathryn conspire against him, while his friend and production assistant Amanda helps him see the true meaning of the Easter story.  This play tells Charlie’s story, as well as the events of Holy week through actual dramatic performances of scenes such as “The Last Supper” and “The Garden of Gethsemane” while representing other events as parts of Charlie’s own journey.  As we watch Charlie learn the great sacrifice Jesus made, we all remember what makes the Easter story so important in our own lives. Approximately 40 minutes.

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