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No Room At The Inn!

Running Time: About 55 minutes.

Cast: 3 m, 6 w, 13 flexible, 14 or more kids

Starlight Inn, a small, quaint hotel with a lot of charm, but not a lot of guests, is struggling to make ends meet. In fact, business has been so bad that on this snowy Christmas Eve, Emily, the owner, has decided to finally break the bad news to the staff: The inn will be sold to a local condo developer and torn down. As they lament the impending doom of their beloved hotel, a major snowstorm hits, forcing travelers to seek shelter. Suddenly, the hotel has several guests: a newlywed couple; a Hollywood diva and her entourage; a traveling church choir; a rock band; a weary family; and a group of business travelers. The klutzy and comical bellhop, Baxter, frantically tries to get all the travelers settled, while Chef Vicki works on a new menu fit for a picky Hollywood star. But when a sudden power outage deprives everyone of modern conveniences, Emily realizes that while she won’t be able to join her family in church to witness the story of the Nativity, the story of Jesus’s birth may have found its way to her instead.

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