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Follow That Star!

Running Time: 60 minutes

Cast: 10 m, 6 w, 11 flexible, 3 children, extras, doubling possible

Sam Nazareth is a bumbling, down-on-his-luck private eye who will be out on the streets if he doesn’t get a case soon. Enter Delilah, a mysterious young woman whose boss wants to know why a certain bright star has suddenly appeared in the sky and where it leads. In this film noir-style tale with plenty of humor Sam (including his inner voice) and friends agree to help Delilah solve the mystery. Following that bright star, they take the audience on a journey across the desert to Bethlehem where we meet two silly shepherds, a no-nonsense census taker, and an innkeeper and his wife. Finally, they arrive at a stable where they, with shepherds and wise men, find the Messiah. The star appeared and shone so bright so that all who seek to worship the Son of God would know where to find Him. 

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