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Full lengh plays
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Running Time: Approximately 120 minutes, 95 pgs.

Cast: 8 M, 18 F, extras (With doubling: 6 M, 12 F)

CLASSIC. Adapted from the novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin. With Rebecca’s family barely scraping by after the death of her father, she is sent to live with her two aunts, Miranda and Jane, to help with household chores. Rebecca dearly misses Sunnybrook Farm and her mother and six siblings but tries to make the best of her new home. Miranda and Jane, expecting the arrival of Rebecca’s older, levelheaded sister, are at first taken aback by the lively, imaginative Rebecca. Rebecca finds it difficult to please her stern Aunt Miranda and abide by her rigid rules, but Rebecca quickly forms a close bond with her Aunt Jane, who teaches her how to sew. Determined to guide Rebecca into becoming a proper young lady, Miranda and Jane send Rebecca to school, where she proves to be an excellent student. Over time, Rebecca’s charming, energetic personality wins over her aunts and classmates and even attracts the attention of a wealthy businessman, who takes an interest in her education. Audiences are sure to be charmed by this heartfelt play.

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