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Full lengh plays
Peter Pan and Wendy

Running Time: Approximately 90-120 minutes, 95 pgs

Cast: 14 M, 14 F, 3 flexible, opt. extras. (With doubling: 13 M, 10 F)

CLASSIC. Adapted from the 1911 novel by J. M. Barrie. When Peter Pan is spotted at the open window of the Darling nursery, he tries to escape but loses his shadow. Wendy, the eldest of the Darling children, sews Peter’s shadow back on, and Peter invites Wendy and her two brothers to fly with him to Neverland. In Neverland, Peter welcomes Wendy to his underground home, where she agrees to be the mother to Peter’s band of Lost Boys. The Darling children go on many adventures with Peter and the Lost Boys and encounter mermaids, natives from the tribe of Neverland, and pirates, including the notorious Captain Hook. Determined to seek revenge on Peter, Captain Hook concocts a plan to poison Peter, kidnap the Lost Boys and Wendy, and make them walk the plank. Audiences of all ages will love this endearing, timeless story.

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