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Full lengh plays

Running Time: Approximately 100-120 minutes, 89 pgs.

Cast: 9 M, 13 F, 3 flexible, opt. extras (With doubling: 7 M, 10 F, 2 flexible)

CLASSIC. Adapted from the novel by Johanna Spyri. After her parents die, Heidi is taken by her aunt to live with her reclusive grandfather in the Swiss Alps. At first, Heidi’s grandfather resents her arrival, but Heidi’s cheerful spirit quickly wins him over. Heidi comes to love her new mountain home and becomes best friends with Peter, a goatherd, and his mother and blind grandmother. But Heidi must leave her grandfather and her life in the Alps behind when her aunt arrives to escort her to the city to work as a wealthy girl’s hired companion. This delightful play will charm audiences of all ages with its timeless, heartfelt characters.

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