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Checking In

Time: 90-100 min 

Cast: 6 M, 6 F, 15+ either

At the Regency Arms Hotel, the comfort and well-being of the guests comes first--and no one knows that better than its staff, most notably bellhop Bernard and housekeeper Natasha. And while Bernard keeps busy trying to woo Natasha and managing the guests' luggage, it's the other baggage the guests brought with them that really keeps him on his toes! A Room With a View uses humor and heart to tell a lifetime of stories in its scenes--from a soon-to-be mom unexpectedly going into labor in "Fresh Squeezed" , to a teenager learning to see the world outside of a screen in "In Room Safe", to a couple finding love in "Guest Relations", to the craziness of traveling with kids in "Wake Up Call" and finally, waiting too long to take that dream vacation in "Trip of a Lifetime". These stories, and many more, reflect the theme that "life is a journey--travel it well" and reminds us that as we travel through life, it's the people we chose to journey with that make it special.

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