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Step Inside The River Reeds
Step Inside The River Reeds

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Step Inside the Tree
Step Inside the Tree

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Step Inside the Red Sea
Step Inside the Red Sea

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Step Inside The River Reeds
Step Inside The River Reeds

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Christian Skits

Click on each image for a full synopsis and a link to preview/purchase scripts and performance rights


Step Inside the Temple



Step Inside the Palace Banquet

The Moses Illusion

Everlasting Light: Jerusha


At The Table: Body

At The Table: Honor

At The Table: Hereafter

At The Table: Hosanna

Step Inside the Ark

Donuts With Dad

One Nation Under God

Seeing is Believing

Step Inside the Lion's Den

How Gabby's Garden Grows

A Voice in the Night

Out of the Water

A Special Place

Get That Groom!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Step Inside the River Jordan

Just Like Dad

Step Inside the Red Sea

The Mother's Day Gift


Everlasting Light: Herod

Everlasting Light: Balthasar

Step Inside the Stable

At The Table: Faith

At The Table: Blood

At The Table: Quiet

Step Inside the Home of Mary and Martha

The Really Real Wives of the Bible

Muffins With Mom

An Empty Tomb

Let There Be Light

Step Inside the Empty Tomb

The Visitor on the Road to Emmaus

Step Inside the Belly of the Whale

Let My People Go

An Unexpected Friend

School Night

Moving Day


Because You Said So


Love You Always


Everlasting Light: Thaddeus

Everlasting Light: Mary

Watching and Waiting

At The Table: Denial

At The Table: Betrayal

At The Table: Rage

Step Inside the Tree


Miss Liberty

Judas Ate Too

Step Inside the River Reeds

The Prodigal Son

Go Fish

Abram's Call

Hide and Seek


The Baker's Apprentice

Christian Skits
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