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Seeking Jesus

Running Time: 20 minutes

Speaking Cast: 11-20 either, 11-20 total cast

Flexibility: 0-10 extras

Children on an Easter egg hunt are baffled when they open the colorful plastic eggs to find objects that seemingly don’t belong. Their teachers explain each object’s relationship to the Easter story: donkey—Jesus’ Triumphal Entry, silver coins—silver paid to Judas to betray Jesus, cup—the Last Supper, scroll—Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, leather strip—Jesus’ whipping with leather straps, crown—the crown of thorns Jesus wore as “King of the Jews,” three nails—the Crucifixion, pair of dice—soldiers’ gambling over Christ’s robe, toothpick—spear in Jesus’ side, piece of cloth—linen in which Jesus’ body was wrapped, and a rock—large stone rolled over the tomb’s entrance. The last egg holds—nothing! It symbolizes the empty tomb and Christ’s resurrection. Concludes with children singing “The Easter Egg Song,” with new lyrics set to the tune of “Lavender’s Blue.” Instructions for making the eggs are included.

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