One Stoplight Town

Cast: 1 M, 2 F, 13 flexible (Doubling possible)
Performance Time: Approximately 45 minutes

One Stoplight Town is a story about people from a town so small that you might drive through without taking a second look. But if you stopped for just a moment, you might see a young boy and girl fall in love, a cantankerous grocery store owner coping with change, a son returning home while a daughter thinks about leaving, a beauty queen and a drum major striking up a friendship, and a handyman taking it all in while he fixes what is broken. These stories and more are filled with fun characters, lots of humor, plenty of heart and the theme that change comes for us all, whether we are ready or not.

A Recipe For Disaster

Cast: 2 M, 7 F, 11 flexible (With doubling: 2 M, 6 F, 9 flexible)
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes, 29 pgs

CHILDREN’S COMEDY. When Jana enters her basement science lab, she becomes “Dr. Noodles, scientist extraordinaire”! But just as Dr. Noodles is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, her siblings―Maddie, Carter, and Ellie―accidentally spill a purple liquid in the lab, transforming Dr. Noodles into a hungry monster. But that’s not all! The potion also turns a cheese sandwich, a rubber chicken, a baby doll, a worm, a container of slime, and a Bigfoot statue into walking, talking creatures! As Maddie, Carter, and Ellie race to find an antidote to return everything back to normal before Mom gets home, a nosy neighbor and two detectives arrive to investigate the ruckus. Monstrously mindboggling, this children’s comedy is perfect for elementary students and is easy to stage.

Three Wishes

Cast: 6 M, 9 F, 5 flexible 
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes, 27 pgs.

CHILDREN’S COMEDY. Mother Goose throws a birthday party for the Big Bad Wolf and all the big names in the fairytale world show up: Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep, Snow White and three dwarves, Rapunzel, the Three Pigs, a witch, and even a frog prince. When Aladdin arrives with his genie, he gives the Big Bad Wolf three wishes for his birthday, and the Big Bad Wolf wishes that all the partygoers get to make one wish. Even though Mother Goose warns everyone to be careful what they wish for, no one heeds her advice and the party soon becomes a party to remember for its craziness, chaos, and calamities!

The Importance of Being Earnest

Cast: 4 M, 4 F, 3 flexible (With doubling: 4 M, 4 F, 2 flexible) 
Performance Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 55 pgs

CLASSIC. This 60-minute adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s uproarious play is easy to stage and perfect for young actors. Jack has fallen in love with Gwendolen, the cousin of his best friend, Algernon. Meanwhile, Algernon has plans to woo Cecily, Jack’s young ward. The only problem is that both women will only love a man named “Ernest.” To win Cecily’s hand in marriage, Algernon poses as Jack’s brother, Ernest. But when Algernon arrives at Jack’s estate, he discovers to his dismay that Ernest has recently “died.” In the meantime, Jack has made plans to be christened with the name “Ernest” at 5:30 p.m. not knowing Algernon has also made arrangements to be christened “Ernest” the same day. In the end, Algernon and Jack realize the importance of being earnest!

The Gift of the Magi

Cast: 3 M, 7 F, 4 flexible (With doubing: 2 M, 4 F, 3 flexible) 
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes, 32 pgs.

HOLIDAY CLASSIC. It’s Christmas Eve and newlyweds Jim and Della have no money to buy each other a Christmas present. Della decides to sell her long, lustrous hair so that she can purchase a gold chain for Jim’s prized pocket watch. Meanwhile, Jim decides to pawn his pocket watch in order to buy Della a pair of hair combs to adorn her beautiful hair. In the end, the couple discovers the richness of their love through their self-sacrificing acts. Easy to stage, this timeless tale is suitable for audiences of all ages.

The Super Duper Dupe

Cast: 20 flexible 
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes, 26 pgs

CHILDREN’S COMEDY. Miss Sticky’s Super Duper Bad Guy Locator leads her to an abandoned warehouse where she sees a banner that reads, “B.A.D. is G.R.E.A.T!” Realizing it could be the hideout of the League of Dastardly Villains and All-Around Bad Guys, she calls the other superheroes in the Good Guys Gang to help her apprehend these scheming villains. Wanting to avoid a sticky situation, the superheroes hide in the warehouse so they can find out what the villains are up to. But it turns out “B.A.D. is G.R.E.A.T!” is an acronym for “Board Game Assembly Day is Good Recreation and Enjoyment for All Troublemakers.” You see, these game-playing villains just really love to play games…board games, that is.

life and.jpg
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Cast: 8 M, 8 F, 18 flexible (With doubling: 6 M, 8 F, 16 flexible) 
Performance Time: Approximately 45-60 minutes, 54 pgs.

HOLIDAY CLASSIC. Adapted from the book by L. Frank Baum. As a baby, Santa Claus is found orphaned in the Forest of Burzee and is adopted by a wood nymph. When Santa becomes an adult, he goes to live in the Laughing Valley and begins to make toys in his workshop and give them to children in the nearby village. This enrages the Lord of Lerd, who has banned all toys in the village. Santa’s toys have also angered the Awgwas, who are annoyed that the children are so busy playing with toys, they don’t have time to be naughty anymore. The Awgwas, with the help of the Lord of Lerd and Jack Frost, set out to rid the land of Santa Claus once and for all. Young audiences will delight in learning Santa’s real name and what it means, how he became immortal, who built his workshop, why he loves the color red, and why he delivers toys at night.

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