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Full lengh plays
Rotten Apples

Time: 60-75 min 

Cast: 9F, 1M, 8 any gender (14-25 actors possible)

A group of villains, including the Evil Queen, Wicked Stepmother, and Big Bad Wolf, and some familiar faces with dubious morals, like Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio, are locked in a mansion on a dark and stormy night. Their only means of escape is helping Prince Charming figure out the name of a mischievous imp who has his eyes set on a gasp-inducing treasure. As they begin to unravel the mystery before the midnight deadline, the storm knocks out the power in the mansion, and in a twist, some of the guests get knocked out, too. Will anyone be left to crack the riddle of the imp's name and escape? Or will a parade of surprise goodly guests only complicate their efforts as even more beloved characters become victims to the unknown assailant? With three endings to choose from, the mystery is yours to solve!

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